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Celesty - Legacy of Hate

Epic Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Finland (Seinäjoki) 1998 Spinefarm Records Active

Recorded and mixed by Samu Oittinen at Fantom Studio during 13th october 2003 –
31st march 2004
Choirs recorded by Anders Höglund at B&A Soul Studio
Mastered at Finnvox studios by Mika Jussila

Produced by Oittinen, Luokkamäki, Kangas
All music by Mäenpää, Luokkamäki, Katajamäki, Kangas except Intro by Janne
All lyrics, characters and story creation by Luokkamäki/Kangas
Musical arrangements by Celesty
Choir arrangements by Jussi Nyman

Antti Railio - Vocals
J-P Alanen - Lead Guitars
Tapani Kangas - Rhythm Guitars
Juha Mäenpää - Keyboards, Grand Piano
Ari Katajamäki - Bass
Jere Luokkamäki - Drums

Guest musicians:
Dark vocals by Sami Kaste and Aku Rahkonen
Female vocals and voice by Sanna Natunen
Choirs by Jussi Nyman, Jari Lummukka, Heikki Loukola, Jari Lehtineva, Sanna
Backing vocals by Antti Railio, Sanna Natunen, Tapani Kangas
Keyboardist Richard Andersson (Time Requiem) plays a solo on Settlement

Cover art and map design by Ville Hautaluoma
Booklet art by Aku Rahkonen
Celesty’s logo by Jari Lehtola
Band photos by Anssi Hanhimäki

Japanese version contains "Wickedness Act" as a bonus track.

2.Unbreakable05:02[view lyrics]
3.Dream04:44[view lyrics]
4.Breed From the Land Unknown04:51[view lyrics]
5.Army of the Universe06:50[view lyrics]
6.Settlement06:43[view lyrics]
7.Shelter04:53[view lyrics]
8.Legacy of Hate (Part 1)10:35[view lyrics]
9.Legacy of Hate (Part 2)10:41[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:16


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