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Brainstorm (Deu) - Soul Temptation

Power Metal
Lyrical theme(s)
Dark Themes, Mind/Spirit, Death, Power, etc.
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Germany (Heidenheim, Baden-Württemberg) 1989 AFM Records Active

Tracks 6 - 8 form the "Trinity of Lust" trilogy.

The limited edition (double digipack) of "Soul Temptation" features the bonus
track "Amarillo" (3:19) and a bonus DVD called "Live Suffering", recorded live
at the Summer Breeze Festival 2002 (five cameras, Dolby Surround 5.1). Here's
the tracklist of the DVD:

1. Metus Mortis (intro) (Metus Mortis / 2001)
2. Blind Suffering (Metus Mortis / 2001)
3. Crush Depth (Ambiguity / 2000)
4. Shadowland (Metus Mortis / 2001)
5. Voices (Unholy / 1998)
6. Checkmate in Red (Metus Mortis / 2001)
7. Liar's Edge (Hungry / 1997 )
8. Hollow Hideaway (Metus Mortis / 2001)
9. Under Lights (Metus Mortis / 2001)

US release: normal version
Japan release: includes "Metus Mortis" (intro) / "Blind Suffering" + "Crush
Depth" (live at Summer Breeze) + "Don't Wait For Me" (Vicious Rumors cover) as
bonus tracks.

Limited edition came out in a transparent-orange jewel case.

Dieter Bernert: Drums
Torsten Ihlenfeld: Guitar
Andy B. Franck: Vocals
Milan Loncaric: Guitar
Andreas Mailänder: Bass

1.Highs Without Lows05:28[view lyrics]
2.Doorway to Survive03:22[view lyrics]
3.The Leading05:38[view lyrics]
4.Nunca nos Rendimos05:41[view lyrics]
5.Fading05:31[view lyrics]
6.Shiva's Tears05:32[view lyrics]
7.Fornever04:55[view lyrics]
8.Soul Temptation07:48[view lyrics]
9.Dying Outside04:08[view lyrics]
10.To the Head04:37[view lyrics]
11.Rising05:28[view lyrics]
Total playing time58:08


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